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Natura Knjaz Milos chooses only the best.
That is why we have coffee with tested and proven quality and unique and distinctive flavor – Hausbrandt.
Since 1892 until now this espresso coffee has been a synonym for the perfect blend of the most sophisticated kinds of Arabika and Robusta coffee, smell, taste, and enjoyment.
Hausbrandt is the combination of the careful selection of the various sorts of coffee that originate from the plantations in Brasil, Columbia, Kenya, Mexico, and Jamaica, where each sort gives its unique mark. Only the highest quality coffee grains go to the coffee roaster. Coffee is roasted naturally and slowly, applying the most modern technologies. After roasting, coffee is cooled straight away to preserve its natural flavors. 

Hausbrandt comes to you in coffee capsules or pods.

Roasted and ground coffee is packed in paper bags, like those for tea. A bag contains seven grams of coffee for a perfect, quickly prepared espresso. Bags are biodegradable, thus they are the ecologically acceptable solutions. Each pod is separately packed in a foil, and each one contains a mixture of roasted and ground Hausbrandt coffee that is of remarkable quality.

Each single capsule contains a precisely determined amount of coffee that has been previously ground and pressed. The connoisseurs know how important is the process of coffee grinding to obtain good espresso. Though, if coffee is coarse or fine ground, not according to granulation specification prescribed, it can affect its taste and make it weaker or bitterer, with less foam and aroma. Coffee granulation in the capsule is carefully determined and calculated on the basis of the Hausbrandt team experience. Seven grams of Hausbrandt espresso coffee is hermetically sealed in a capsule, thus preserving its freshness and quality until the very moment of its use, because it has no contact with atmospheric agents.


The Hausbrandt capsule is compatible with the Nespresso® system. In the Nespresso® compatible capsule, there is a mixture of the finest types of arabic and robust coffee, as is the case with the standard Herman capsule. This is a high-quality coffee with 80% Arab and 20% robustness. Espresso with exceptional strength and intense taste, low acidity. Pleasant taste, with noble hints of spices. Sweet and pleasant taste is distinguished through the aroma of biscuits, hazelnuts and cocoa.