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For most people, coffee or tea means the day has really begun. So, besides our Aqua Una water and coffee, the company Natura Knjaz Milos can supply you with other hot beverages. Whatever you choose – the choice is excellent.
If you want to relax with tea, there is Milford – a synonym for quality tea, in every continent. Milford tea is offered in 12 flavors and delivered in packages containing 6 or 12 boxes (depending on the flavor). Beside smaller packages containing 20 filter tea bags, we can now offer big ones – with 40 filter tea bags. The choice is yours: mint, chamomile, hibiscus, green tea with lemon, apple/cinnamon, orange/rum, cranberry/black currant, 6 fruits, berry fruits, black tea, green tea and ginger / orange / chamomile.


With Aqua Una water, everything tastes better – and so does instant coffee. The company Natura Knjaz Milos can offer instant coffee of the premium quality – Nescafé.

The Nescafé is probably the most favored type of coffee in the world and we supply it in one of two flavors: Classic (medium-dark roasted coffee, which gives intensive aroma and a refreshing taste) and Gold (full flavor, for all those with sophisticated palate), but in variants that can always be with you – 2 in 1 and 3 in 1.

Besides coffee, our offer also contains Nesquik. Nesquik is an excellent chocolate refreshment that does not contain artificial colors, sweeteners or additives, and is enriched with vitamin D which allows for better absorption of calcium from milk.