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Water cooler aparati

The coolers that we distribute are air compressors, of high quality and reliability, which give you a possibility to enjoy noncarbonated mineral water in your surroundings.

Cold beverages

Knjaz Milos is an absolute leader at the market of mineral waters and non-alcoholic drinks. Beside Aqua Una water, we also bring Cedevita to your address, as well as all other Knjaz products for supreme natural refreshment.

Hot beverages


If you want to relax with tea, there is Milford – a synonym for quality tea, in every continent. Milford tea is offered in 12 flavors and delivered in packages containing 6 or 12 boxes.


Hausbrandt kafa


Natura Knjaz Milos chooses only the best. That is why we have coffee with tested and proven quality and unique and distinctive flavor – Hausbrandt. Since 1892 until now this espresso coffee has been a synonym for the perfect blend of the most sophisticated kinds of Arabika and Robusta coffee, smell, taste, and enjoyment.

Aparati za kafu


Anything that is understood by traditional preparation of espresso using professional equipment can be summed in perfect Guzzini coffee machines. Simple use, easy maintenance, steady quality of coffee and high level of hygiene are only the basic advantages.


Delivery of water and a cooler is performed at the address of residence within maximum of 24 hours upon receiving a purchase order or according to the agreed date

Minimum quantity for delivery is 2 bottles of water

Payment is done during the delivery, with a fiscal receipt being issued.

Packaging for water is reusable and is bought according to the needs.

Sanitation of the cooler is performed twice a year.

All malfunctions of the cooler are to be repaired free of charge over the course of the contract, that is during the warranty period (in case you bought a cooler).