Please do not forget, every second ten glasses of Aqua Una water is drunk.
Let it be your glass of water.
Coming from the depth of the nature, where it had gone thousands years ago, it reaches you totally protected from outside influences. Aqua Una spreads a clean taste of healthy and powerful water. You can take it in unlimited quantities, prepare hot or cold beverages we deliver to your address.

Knjaz Milos is an absolute leader in our mineral water and soft beverages market. Besides Aqua Una, we deliver other Knjaz Milos refreshment products to your home address.

CEDEVITA (instant drink) granules keep the vitamins you need to take on a daily basis in the most stable form, protected from the outside influence. Mixing with water just before consumption enables the best use of vitamins. That can guarantee that the beverage you prepare with Aqua Una provides an abundance of healthy vitamins with an unprecedented refreshing taste of CEDEVITA!


In addition to standard packaging, we also offer great packaging Milford tea. Each box has 40 sachets. Your job is to choose the taste, and we are here to deliver tea.

MILFORD is a synonym for quality tea in every continent. Now you can purchase along with your tea MILFORD and Aqua Una available in all flavors: strawberries and raspberries, apples with cinnamon, orange, cranberry and black currant or mint ...


We usually start our working day with a cup of coffee, which contributes to better concentration for many of us, and we sometimes need it in order to relax. What is certain, the first thing we offer our guests is a lovely cup of coffee. With Aqua Una in your water cooler, you will not waste a single moment, whereas the well known smell of good coffee will spread on your table.

In an additional program, we offer plastic and paper cups, spatula, sugar sachets, honey in the bags. Plastic cups come in packages of 80 or 100 pieces.
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