- Water cooler monthly rental rates depend on the model;
    - If water consumption is 5 or more bottles per a cooler,
    the rental is free of charge;
    - Contracts are signed up for the period of 12 months.


    - Prices are provided in the pricelist;
    - In case you buy more than one device and pay in advance, we will grant you a discount;
    - The warranty period for coolers is 24 months;
    - Water purchase contract is signed up for the period of 12 months.

  • - We deliver water and coolers within 48 hours of your order or in accordance with the delivery schedule dynamics in certain towns and places, which you can be find about in the closest distributive centre;
    - The minimum quantity for our delivery is 3 bottles of water;
    - Delivery bottles are returnable and a required number of bottles have to be purchased;
    - Periodical sanitization is undertaken three times a year;
    - All functional repairs are free of charge during the Contract period or the Warranty period if the cooler is purchased.

    We make our offer suitable to your true needs and always suggest the best solution. Depending on the number of your employees, number of coolers and quantity of water you require, we grant discount to water price and enable special payment and invoicing conditions. Big companies with a widespread network of branches are given the opportunity to order water, as well as other hot and cold beverages by calling a single phone number; otherwise we deliver products according to the dynamics we have agreed on.


    Our service department with skilled personnel take care of the safety of our users’ coolers. We carry out preventative and intervention maintenance so that the users of our services can have devices working in order. A huge advantage of our repair service is that we are qualified to service different water cooler models, so we often maintain coolers owned by our clients, who buy our water.


    Besides servicing functional repairs on coolers, our service department is in charge of undertaking regular sanitization for our clients. Sanitization entails disinfection a reservoire of hot and cold water using ozone, as well as disinfection of all passages of water from the bottle to the glass of the user. In case sanitization cannot be carried out on site, it is undertaken in our service department facilities, whereas the user gets a sanitised replacement. The importance of such service is enormous, as this is the only way that ensures the constant quality of water. Sanitisation is periodically undertaken. We suggest 3-4 times a year for legal entities, 2-3 times a year for physical persons.
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