- Free-standing and table water coolers for household use can be used FREE OF CHARGE, the compulsory monthly consumption being 2(two) 18.9l Aqua Una bottles of water;
    - The contract is signed up for the period of 12months.

    - Free-standing compression coolers can be rented for a fee that depends on the cooler model;
    - If water consumption is 4(four) or more Aqua Una 18.9 lit. bottles,

    - Water coolers can be purchased as stated in the pricelist;
    - Warranty period for the water coolers is 24 months;
    - Contracts on water purchase are signed for the period of 12 months.

  • - We deliver within 48 hours of your order or in accordance with the delivery dynamics in certain towns and places, which can be informed about in the closest distribution centre;
    - The minimum quantity for our delivery is two 18.9-litre bottles;
    - Customers pay upon delivery, when we issue the receipt;
    - Containers in which we distribute water is returnable and a required number of bottles are purchased;
    - We carry out periodical sanitization 2 times a year;
    - We do all the functional repairs with no additional charge during the Contract period or the warranty period if the cooler is purchased.

    Depending on the number of your family members and current water consumption habits, our sales representatives will suggest the most economic solution. By a single phone call, without going to the supermarket, we will deliver both Aqua Una 18.9- litre bottles, as well as other products from our product range and save your time. Give us a call and our sale representative working in your area will reach you as soon as possible to give you all the necessary information.


    The company of Knjaz Milos Natura has opened a service department with trained personnel in order to ensure the constant safety of our coolers for the users. We tend to provide a free replacement immediately if the repair is not possible on site, to make sure our user has an available cooler in order all the time, which gives them refreshing cold Aqua Una water or a possibility to prepare a hot drink.
    A huge advantage of our repair service is that we are qualified to service different water cooler models, so we often maintain coolers owned by our clients, who like to consume our Aqua Una water from these coolers. In such circumstances we always suggest that our service department should carry out sanitisation and checks in order to ensure the unchanged quality of Aqua Una water after its passage through the cooler.


    Besides servicing functional repairs on coolers, our service department is in charge of undertaking regular sanitization for our clients. Sanitisation entails disinfection a reservoire of hot and cold water using ozone, as well as disinfection of all water passages from the bottle to the glass of the user. This service is provided in either the client’s place or in our facilities, when the user gets a sanitized substitute. The importance of such service is enormous, as this is the only way that ensures the constant quality of the water. Sanitisation is periodically undertaken. We suggest 3-4 times a year for legal entities, 2-3 times a year for physical persons.
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