It has been scientifically proved that our body needs at least two liters of water a day. This quantity should even rise, as the requirement depends on our physical activity, as well as outside temperature. Make yourself a hot or cold beverage from the watercooler with your favourite Aqua Una water and you will easily have the recipe for healthy lifestyle.

MIN 8X stands for a minimum of eight glasses of Aqua Una water, whether you opt to drink pure water or a refreshing beverage. Any choice would make you feel relaxed or help you concentrate on your work.

Aqua Una is a non-carbonated natural mineral water with a low level of soluble minerals and low in sodium.
Our products is produced and bottled company for mineral water Mioni d.o.o. at its facility in the village Ključ, near Mionica, the source Paradise 4. Complete elimination of environmental impacts at all stages of Aqua Una, with the application of modern technology, process equipment in accordance with food safety management systems ISO 22000 and HACCP, we provide our customers with high quality and healthy products.
A certified laboratory Knjaz Milos a.d. carries out water control.

Feel more comfortable at home or at work using our services.
Our distribution network covers the whole territory of Serbia. Should you email us or call our closest distribution centre, we will deliver water coolers, water and other goods from our product range as soon as possible. We deliver to the door of your work or home place and provide water cooler maintenance.
If you show you trust us, you will save time and money, improve your productivity and provide regular supply of both water and all other soft beverages you need in a single phone call.


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